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Rocio Jurado "Yo te amo" SONY Released 1993

Rocio Jurado "Yo te amo"  - Canción del compositor Tony Medina.

Album: Dos Alas Al Viento

ROCIO JURADO was one of the biggest superstars in the Latin Music world.  This Spanish singer, known for her powerful vocals, belted out one power ballad after another for over two decades, making her one of the biggest stars in Europe and Latin America.  In 1993, Bebu Silvetti, the top Latin Music producer in Hollywood, included Tony Medina’s “Yo Te Amo,” on Jurado’s album, “Como Las Alas Al Viento.”   “Yo Te Amo,” was only the second song recorded that was written by the recently discovered songwriter Tony Medina, and its success sealed his quick rise to the pinnacle of 

Latin pop music.

Daniela Romo " Para que te quedes conmigo" EMI Capitol - Released 1992

Daniela Romo "Para que te quedes conmigo" Canción del Compositor Tony Medina.

Album: De Mil Colores

Mexican superstar actress and singer, DANIELA ROMO, has had a long, illustrious career in music and television.  For many years, her long, flowing hair and unique voice were her trademarks as she sang popular ballads and starred in top rated Mexican television programs.   When she and producer Bebu Silvetti selected “Para Que Te Quedes Conmigo,” to be included on her 1992 album, “De Mil Colores,” Tony Medina’s words and music rocketed to the top of the international Latin music charts.  His first song recorded, “Para Que Te Quedes Conmigo,” was the #1 Latin song in the United States and on Billboard Magazine’s Hot Latin Tracks Chart, cementing Tony Medina’s name in music history.   The song was so successful that it went on to be one of the most performed songs of the year and was awarded by industry performing rights giant, Broadcast Music, Inc., (BMI).  “Para Que Te Quedes Conmigo,” was also featured in two-time.

Academy-Award winning producer Pedro Almodovar’s 2004 movie “The Holy Girl.”

Alicia Villa Real -Grupo Limite "Ay Amor" Released 1996

Alicia Villa Real - Grupo Limite "Ay Amor" Canción del compositor Tony Medina


“Ay Amor,” recorded on the Grammy winning GRUPO LIMITE’S 1996 production “Partiendome El Alma,” signified Tony Medina’s arrival to the top of the industry’s important Mexican group genre.  GRUPO LIMITE was the sensation of the moment, and the undisputed top Mexican band in the mid to late 1990s.    LIMITE lead vocalist ALICIA VILLA REAL propelled the group to international fame with her magnificent vocals.  Medina’s “Ay Amor,” remains one of the group’s classic hits.

Jessica Cristina "La Preferida" SONY Music Latin & BMG - Released 1998

Jessica Cristina "La Preferida"  Canción del compositor Tony Medina.


JESSICA CRISTINA, the popular merengue singer from Puerto Rico, has a string of productions that highlight the Latin dance rhythms that dominate the club scene throughout the Caribbean and dance clubs everywhere.  Her team selected Tony Medina’s “La Preferida,” an anthem dedicated to the modern woman who demands respect, as an addition to her 1998 studio production for BMG.  The union of strong lyrics and a lively rhythm have made “La Preferida,” a crowd favorite.

Lucia Mendez "Se Prohibe" COLUMBIA Records - Released 1993

Lucia Mendez "Se Prohibe"  Canción del compositor Tony Medina.

Album: Caricias de Humo.

LUCIA MENDEZ’S 1993 album, “Se Prohibe,” was the third major production of the year to include a Tony Medina composition.   Less than a year after his first song had been recorded,  “Caricias de Humo,” became Medina’s next hit in Mendez’s famous voice.  Lucia Mendez is a superstar model, singer and actress and starred in many top-rated Mexican television soap operas such as “El Extrano Retorno de Diana Salazar, Marielena and Colorina.  Once referred to as the most photographed woman in Mexico, the beautiful Mendez appeared in hundreds of magazines and on numerous covers such as Cosmopolitan.    “Caricias de Humo,” was a commercial success and reached the Billboard Magazine Hot Latin Tracks Chart Top 40.

Rey Ruiz "Por Amarte As" Bohemia Records - Released 2000

Rey Ruiz "Por Amarte Así"  Canción del compositor Tony Medina.

Album: Fenomenal.

REY RUIZ, was a fixture at the top of the charts with one salsa dance hit after another.  He exploded on the international scene in the early 1990s and quickly became a household name.  It was virtually impossible to listen to the radio without hearing one of his hits.  Tony Medina wrote “Por Amarte Asi,” for Rey Ruiz and his 2000 production titled “Fenomenal,” Its romantic lyrics along with Rey Ruiz’s ‘fenomenal’ voice became another Tony Medina classic in Latin music.

Maria Sorte "Un Chance" FONOVISA Released 1993

Maria Sorte "Un Chance"  Canción del compositor Tony Medina.

Album: Vuelve Otra Vez

MARIA SORTE was searching for a rhythmic song to include on her 1993 production, “Vuelve Otra Vez.”  The famous Mexican soap-opera actress and singer wanted to diversify her musical repertoire and desired a catchy song that would be suitable for live performances.  When one of her producers suggested she listen to Tony Medina’s “Un Chance,” she immediately decided to include it on her production.  The tropical rhythm of “Un chance,” was not only popular on radio, it was often performed by Sorte on national television in Mexico, Chile and throughout Latin America, and it was featured in the popular Mexican soap opera DKDA, which was viewed around the world including Europe and Russia.

La Raza de la Esquina "Y Mis Sueños Que" Universal Music - Released 1998



Los Mier "Intentare Olvidarte"Universal Music - Released 1998

Los Miel "Intentare Olvidarte"  Canción del compositor Tony Medina.

Album: Dedicado a ti

LOS MIER released its production “Dedicado a Ti,” in November, 1995, to the joy of its millions of fans.  LOS MIER is not only one of Mexico’s most important bands, the group is a musical dynasty with a tradition of popular music that touches the heart of “el pueblo.”  Tony Medina’s “Intentare Olvidarte,” was one of his first songs recorded in the ever-popular Mexican norteno genre.  “Intentare Olvidarte,” was a huge success.


VAYVEN "Y Mis Sueños Que"  Canción del compositor Tony Medina.


Emigrants del Norte

Inmigrantes del Norte - Canción del compositor Tony Medina.


Los Sementales

Los Sementales -  Canción del compositor Tony Medina.