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Tony's History


Who was Tony Medina?

Tony Medina wrote his first song when he was six years old, and was involved in his music in some form during his entire life.  In his early adult years, he was a singer, had his own small group, and performed many of his own songs.  He wrote the majority of his songs in a 25-year period.  Although he played the guitar and piano, he rarely used instruments to write his songs.   In fact, this is the most amazing part of his story as a creator and songwriter.   He kept a personal recorder with him at all times and would record his inspirations and words and music almost everywhere.  Often a new song would repeat in his head over and over until he recorded it and wrote the lyrics by hand.  Hundreds of songs were born this way, and it was obvious to those close to him that his songwriting was a necessity for him.  Each song was like a release and explosion of emotions and energy that not only reflected his life, but the lives of those around him.      

His life wasn’t easy and he overcame many obstacles to obtain his successes.  Born to poor parents, he left his small town in Cuba for Havana while he was just a teenager.  Homeless at first, he struggled to survive and was able to begin his career in music by performing in local clubs.  Eventually, he fled his native country and immigrated to the United States.

Vocal cord surgery would forever change his life and he concentrated on his songwriting.  After almost a decade of working odd jobs to support his family and sick father, he met his eventual manager who worked with him until his death 25 years later, and began his golden age of creativity, writing over 2,000 songs.

What kind of music did Tony Medina write?

He created songs from almost every imaginable music genre and style.  He believed the soul of a song was in the words and music, and that almost any song could be arranged and performed in many different styles.  He believed that no song was truly old because the human experience behind it could never be old-fashioned.  His songs represent a wide-variety of musical styles, from disco, rumba flamenco, and Latin dance rhythms, to mainstream ballads and regional Mexican music.

How can I record or perform a Tony Medina song?

Send us a message and let’s get started.  A great song in the voice of a great performer or group is the perfect combination for success.

Are Tony Medina’s songs signed with a publisher? Do we have to pay for the right to record one of h

All of the songs in his catalog are available and the publishing is totally negotiable.  Every case is different, and we want to make it clear that we welcome the interest of new and upcoming performers as well as from established singers, record labels or publishers.  We are open-minded, so contact us and tell us which songs you are interested in.

How can I get more information?

Message us and we’ll get back to you quickly.